Accidents, Emergencies & Illness

All accidents are to be reported to your officer in charge on that day, a record will be kept in the accident file and child’s file. The officer in charge will contact parents if deemed necessary.

Any first aid treatment must be done by a qualified pediatric first aider and the appropriate contents of the first aid box used.

In the event of an emergency the manager or nearest member of staff will dial 999.

Any illness must be reported to your officer in charge. The situation will be assessed and acted upon and parents/cares contacted if needed. A child maybe kept separate from other children if necessary in a quiet area.

To protect the children in nursery, children must be kept at home if they have a temperature of above 37.5/38c, tummy upset, sickness, and diarrhea, discharge from the eyes or ears or rashes such as chicken pox. In accordance with the Health Protection Agency exclusions guidelines. Children must be kept at home for a minimum of 48 hours following sickness or diarrhea. Nursery will contact parents if sickness or diarrhea start whilst at nursery.

Parents are requested to keep their child at home for the first 24 hours after being prescribed antibiotics, in case of an allergic reaction and to ensure the medication has chance to take effect.

A notice will be displayed on the parent’s information board notifying parents of any infectious conditions.

OFSTED must be contacted if a child has a notifiable disease, please see attached list.

OFSTED must also be contacted of any food poisoning affecting two or more children looked after at the setting.

Prodecure to be followed in the event of on accident

1. If a child, parent, visitor or a member of staff has an accident they will receive first aid by a member of staff or a first aider, at the discretion of the qualified member of staff in the room.

2. Gloves will be worn when dealing with blood or any other bodily fluids.

3. The wound will be cleaned with sterile cloths or a cold compress applied. No ointments.

4. If hospital attention is needed then the officer in charge will make that decision and will take the necessary action to get that person to hospital.

4. If the accident has happened to a child the parents will be informed immediately by officer in charge.

5. An accident form will be completed. It will state the time it happened, the date, how it happened, first aid given and will be signed by the staff and parent/carer.

6. Post accident consider if OFSTED, RIDDOR, Social Services MASS, LADO or child protection team need to be informed.

Our policy is to over report minor accidents and incidents as part of our partnership with parents.

Accidents at Home

Parents must complete & sign an ‘Accident at home’ form when they drop their child off at nursery if their child has an injury that they have previously sustained at home.

If a practitioner discovers an injury which they believe to have been sustained at home, they must inform the officer in charge & complete the first section of the ‘Accident at home’ form. This must be shown to the parent when they collect the child and completed & signed.

Written: 6th December 2016

Reviewed: 6th December 2016