A fun and purpose built room for all the ‘Newborns’

In The Baby Room we aim to give parents the confidence that their baby will maintain their normal routine which should not be interrupted just because they have started nursery.

In The Baby Room, the ratio is one member of staff to three babies.

Staff will work closely with parents to ensure their child’s routine is maintained including their sleep pattern, eating times, diet, milk type, bottle preparation and weaning food etc.

The Baby Room is set up in a way to make them feel homely and comforting to your child.  The environment and resource provided by staff focus strongly on imaginative, exploratory, investigatory and sensory play experiences which are regularly rotated to keep your child stimulated.  Other areas provided also help develop areas such as; language and socialisation, through books, music, cosy corners and sleep areas.  We are also very fortunate to be able to provide your child with a vast outdoor play area which allows children to explore the outside world. We feel it is important to keep children physically active and being outdoors as much as weather permits.

We have also created sensory and heuristic treasure baskets which contain natural and manufactured resources that support and develop children’s investigative and exhortatory skills.  During the day staff also interact with children through messy play using malleable materials like jelly/yoghurt/gloop/pasta etc… the list is endless!

Each child is assigned a key worker who is responsible for your child’s basic and emotional needs and is responsible for supporting your child’s development with regular observations and assessments.  The relationship between the key person, yourself and your child begins when you attend the nursery on a number of visits, this helps with the initial bond with the keyworker and supports your child to settle and feel calm and comfortable whilst in their room.

Once your child has started nursery they will have their own storage box/bag for their personal belongings such as clothes and creams etc.

Babies will also have their own unique daily diary, so you can see just what your little one has been doing during their day at Tender Years, for example, how long they have slept, activities they have taken part in.  This will also tell you about feeds/nappies, what foods they have eaten etc.