Our children have been exploring the topic of Bonfire night. They have looked at videos showing them all about Guy Fawkes, we continuously challenged their thoughts and knowledge on the story.  We have also spoke to the children during circle times to hear about their experiences of bonfire, looking at what they heard, saw and could smell. We also spoke in depth about fire safety.

We have also linked the topic to sensory and creative activities throughout the nursery.

EYFS links-

Physical- Health and self-care- Beginning to recognise danger and seeks support of significant adults for help.

Physical- Moving and handling- Makes connections between their movements and the marks they make.

Communication and language- Speaking- Beginning to use more complex sentences to link thoughts.

Communication and language- Speaking- Can retell a simple past event in order.

Characteristics of effective learning-

Creating and thinking critically- Making links- Making predictions.

Active learning- Being involved and concentrating- Paying attention to details.

Playing and exploring- Finding out and exploring- Engaging in open-ended activity.

British values-

Democracy- Everyone is treated equally and has equal rights.

Individual liberty- Children’s self-confidence and self-awareness and people and communities.