Christmas in Tulip Room

The children are enjoying getting creative during the festive season. We are also taking it in turns to open an advent calendar. EYFS links- Mathematics- Numbers- Recites some number names in sequence. Physical- Moving and handling- Makes connections between their movement and the marks they make. P

We Love to Bake!

Baking is an excellent opportunity to promote all kinds of learning. We look at Mathematics, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, sharing and turn taking and communication skills. EYFS links- Physical development- Moving and handling- May be beginning to show preference for dominant hand. Communic

Remembrance Day 2018

The children enjoyed learning about this theme in a number of different ways. We included the subject in our everyday play and enhanced it throughout a week. We also used our interactive whiteboard to research and learn what we could about Remembrance day. EYFS links- Understanding the world- People

Collecting leaves on a walk

The children went foraging for some natural materials to use in their play and display work. They were all very well behaved on the walk and all enjoyed the experience. EYFS links- Personal, social and emotional development- Managing feelings and behaviour- Can usually adapt behaviour to different e

Letters to Father Christmas

The children have really enjoyed writing their special letters to Father Christmas. Such an amazing experience adding to the magic of the season. EYFS links- Literacy- Writing- Distinguishes between the different marks they  make Literacy- Writing- Writes own name and other things such as labels, c

October Autumn fun

During October we had lots of fun exploring and learning all about the change in season. We have explored natural materials and also added other materials to enhance exploration. Our Pre-school children have concentrated on the changes in the environment, grow, decay and changes overtime. We have ch

Bonfire Night 2018

Our children have been exploring the topic of Bonfire night. They have looked at videos showing them all about Guy Fawkes, we continuously challenged their thoughts and knowledge on the story.  We have also spoke to the children during circle times to hear about their experiences of bonfire, lookin

Halloween Celebrations

Here are our children exploring and discovering the celebration of Halloween in may different ways. The children engaged in a variety of sensory experiences which were linked to the topic. While taking part in the activities the children’s knowledge was challenged. We explored their thoughts o

Baby Room Pumpkin Painting

Here are our babies getting messy whilst painting their pumpkins. All the babies enjoyed this, exploring the paint, card and brushes in a number of different ways. EYFS links- Expressive arts and design- Exploring and using media and materials- Notices and is interested in the effects of making move