Welcome Back

We would like to wish all our families a Happy New Year from all the Tender Years Team. We hope you have all enjoyed your Christmas break.

New in January

  • Our wonderful summer house is underway and looking a lot better already.
  • Watch out for our “Monthly Outings Timetable” Eligible for all children within the nursery, this could include going for a walk to the local park / shops or going on a short bus trip.  Parent’s permission will be sort before-hand.


  • Our Library is now ready to be used. Please feel free to choose a book and take it to the office to be signed out.
  • P.E lessons – If you want your child to participate in P.E there is a charge of £20.00 per term.
  • Please check our Facebook page and website blog for updates about nursery or activities or general information.
  • As you are aware we have been fund raising for our defibrillator and so far, we have raised £566.16.

Increase in numbers

You may be aware we have been granted an increase in numbers by Bolton Council.  We are now  registered for 45 children per day.  If you wish to increase your child’s days, or wanting to change days we now have the flexibility to do this.  If this is something you are interested in, please see management.

Loose Parts

As some of you may have noticed we are making some changes to our environment.  We wanted to provide a different type of play for our children, one that has endless possibilities.  We wanted to provide materials that can be manipulated, adapted, gathered, provoked imagination and encourage creativity…… these types of materials are called ‘loose parts’.  Attached is some further information about this.

So, after reading more about this, and you feel like you could help to supply us with some materials for this then feel free to bring them into nursery so that are children can have a world of resources available to them that will further their development.

Contact Information

Tender Years Day Nursery phone number: 01204494198

Email: hello@tenderyearsdaynursery.co.uk