We are sad to see Jenny leaving us this month, she is going onto pastures new. We wish you well on your next big adventure.

Termly Curriculums

As of November, we will be sending out termly curriculums which will inform you of the types of activities we will be doing in nursery as a whole. This information sheet will also give you ideas of activities you can do at home to help. We will look forward to seeing all your photographs and observations over the Ey log.

EY Log Daily Diaries

From the recent parental questionnaire that we sent out in September, it has become apparent that the majority of our parents would prefer to get their child’s daily diary sent over to them via the Ey log. So, from October this is something that we are going to start after trailing it for the past two weeks. The girls will still inform you on how your child has been during the day, we don’t want to lose our partnership with our parents as we all love our pick-up chats. This might help with all our busy mums and dads.


  • Please can we remind all parents to bring children’s water bottle into nursery daily for your child.
  • Following the success of our tooth brushing upstairs we are now asking that all children within nursery are supplied with a tooth.
  • Reminder that nursery only opens from 8 o’clock we are not insured for children to be on the premise before this time.
  • Please can we ask if you use the pump action soap bottles or have tomato sauce bottles at home could you bring your empty bottles into nursery as we have a use for them Thank you.

Contact Information

Tender Years Day Nursery phone number: 01204 494 198