Chinese New Year 2018- Sunflower Room

The children have all enjoyed learning how to use chop sticks, tasting different Chinese cuisine and making their very own Chinese dragon! EYFS links- Understanding the world- People and communities- Knows some things that make then unique, and can talk about some of the similarities and differences

Police visit 15/02/2018

The children were ecstatic to have a visit from two police officers and their vehicle. As our topic is looking at the emergency services, the visit was extremely valuable in that it backed up the research and conversations the children had already took part in. As you can see from the children’

Valentines day 2018

To raise funds for a defibrillator we have organised a dress up in red day and a bake sale. We also had some baked goods donated by our local Greenhalghs which we are all very grateful for, thank you to everyone for their support.

Painting with a different view

Both Sunflower and Poppy room tried this new approach of painting, as you can see it was a huge hit! EYFS links- Personal, social and emotional- Making relationships- Interested in others play and starting to join in. Physical- Moving and handling- Draws lines and circles using gross motor movements

Poppy room playing in flour

Here the children and are exploring and experimenting with flour play. We encouraged the children to make marks and to describe what the flour felt like and what they could do with it. EYFS links- Literacy- Writing- Distinguishes between the different marks the make. Expressive arts and design- Expl

Pancake day 2018- Poppy room

The children in Poppy room have been learning and exploring pancake day. The children looked at a video with a song about pancake day, they made their own pancakes form play dough, designed their own on paper and made and ate them for tea time. EYFS links- Expressive arts and design- Being imaginati

Pancake day 2018, Sunflower room.

The children used the whiteboard to gather information about pancake day, we also encouraged the children to share the knowledge/experience they had of pancake day. The children wrote/drew some shopping lists and put in to order the steps that they would take to make pancake batter. Lots of fun all

Burns Night 2018

Here are the children in Sunflower Room who are learning about burn’s night. We also used the interactive whiteboard to find out more information and watch videos on the celebration as well as making some Scottish shortbread. The children are encouraged to manage risk, here you can see them us

Making Tracks

Here is Poppy Room making marks in a different way and washing their hands after the activity. EYFS links- Mathematics- Numbers- Recites some number names in sequence. Communication and language- Speaking- Uses different types of everyday words. Expressive arts and design- Exploring and using media